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    Corporate Profile


    NEZAMI REKHA SEA FOOD PVT. LTD. is a reputed Private Limited Company. The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing branded Venamai, Local & marine as well as processed and packed marine products for export markets.

    The Corporate office is situated at Unit no-10, International Sea Food Processing Centre, Benfish Complex, Chakgaria, , Kolkata, West Bengal.

    Vision and Mission


    All our products and services must exceed customer's expectation.


    - Create state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with modern technology.
    - Increase our customer base through focused marketing.
    - Diversify into business activities that would optimize our core competencies, resources and synergy.
    - Consistently enhance our customers expectations with quality products and service delivery.
    - Carry out community development activities in alignment with our business activities.

    Board of Directors

    Mir Tabrej ali Chairman
    Mir Mamrej Ali Managing Director
    Mir Kamrej Ali Director
    Mir Piar Ali Director
    Mir Iar Ali Director

    Code of Conduct

    Nezami Rekha Sea Food Pvt. Ltd. is committed to operating its business with highest level of business ethics and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. This code form an integral part of the Company's governance policy. This code is intended to provide guidance and help in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues, provide mechanism to deal with unethical conduct. However, this code is not an exhaustive narration of duties, obligations and rights of a director/ senior management of the Company but broadly provides certain guidelines to be followed by a director/ senior management of the company.


    The code is applicable to all the directors of Nezami Rekha Sea Food Pvt. Ltd. and also for senior management, which shall include all divisional/ functional/ departmental/ business heads by whatever name called.

    Conflict of Interest

    All directors and senior management should avoid situations in which their personal interest could conflict with the interest of the Company. The Directors/ senior management should be scrupulous in avoiding ‘conflicts of interest’ with the Company. In case there is likely to be a conflict of interest, he/ she should make full disclosures of all facts and circumstances thereof to the Board of directors or any committee/ officer nominated for this purpose by the Board and a prior written approval should be obtained.

    Applicable Laws

    The Directors of the Company and senior management must comply with applicable laws, regulations, rules and regulatory orders. They should report any inadvertent non-compliance, if detected subsequently, to the concerned authorities.

    Disclosure Standards

    The Company shall make full, fair, accurate, timely and meaningful disclosures in the periodic reports required to be filed with Government and Regulatory agencies. The members of Senior Management of the Company shall initiate all actions deemed necessary for proper dissemination of relevant information to the Board of Directors, Auditors and other Statutory Agencies, as may be required by applicable laws, rules and regulations.

    Honest and Ethical Conduct

    The Directors/ senior management shall act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. They shall act and conduct themselves free from fraud and deception.

    Corporate Opportunity

    The Directors/ senior management shall not exploit for their personal gain, opportunities that are discovered through use of Company property, information or position, unless the opportunity is disclosed fully in writing to the Company’s Board of Directors and the Board declines to pursue such opportunity.


    The Directors/ senior management shall maintain the confidentiality of confidential information of the Company or that of any valued customer/ collaborator/ supplier of the Company to whom the Company has a duty to maintain confidentiality, except when disclosures is authorized or legally/ statutorily mandated. The confidential information includes all non-public information that might be of use to competitors. The use of confidential information for his/ her own advantage or profits is also prohibited.

    Fair Dealing

    The Directors/ senior management shall deal fairly with customers, suppliers, competitors, employees and other stakeholders of the Company. They should not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of confidentiality, trade secret information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing practices.

    Protection of Assets

    The Directors/ senior management shall be responsible for the proper use, protection and conservation of Company assets and resources. This includes Company properties, assets, and proprietary manufacturing processes, engineering designs, process technology, application knowledge, financial data, strategies, trade secrets, corporate information and other Company rights. Company assets are to be used solely to pursue and achieve Company goals and not for any personal benefit, unless approved by the Board.


    The Board of Directors of the Company must approve any waiver of any provision of this Code of Conduct for a member of the Company's Board of Directors or a member of the Senior Management in writing.

    Violations of the Code

    Violations of this code of conduct will result in disciplinary action, which may even include termination of services of the employee. The Company's board or any committee designated by the Board for this purpose shall determine appropriate action in response to violations of this code of conduct.


    Name of the company: Nezami Rekha Seafoods Pvt. Ltd. Registered Office:

    Vill. Hatabari (Tara Mahal)
    P.O. and P.S. Contai
    Dist. Purba Medinipore
    West Bengal – 721401
    Contact no. (03224) – 257-230 (Res)
    09434005777 (Mobile)

    Office and Processing Plant:

    Unit No. 10
    International Seafood Processing Center(Benfishcampus) Chakgaria.
    Kokata – 700094
    24 Parganas (South)
    Contact No: +91 9434005777
    Telephone: 033-2432-2055
    Fax: 033-2432-2055
    E-mail: mamrej_nrsf@hotmail.com
    Constitution: Private Limited Company
    Sector: Private
    Date of Establishment: 2nd September, 1998.


    The Board of Directors of the Company consisting of Mr.Mamerj Ali, M.D. and other four Directors belongs to the same family. Mr. Mamerj Ali, aged about 48 years, son of Mir Reaj Ali is a reputed business man engaged in trading of Aqua Feed, Medicine and Supply of Prawn to merchant export houses for more then two decades. With a view of increasing the activity level in this line they have formed a Private Limited Company named Nizami Rekha Seafoods Pvt. Ltd. In 1998. they have sufficient and adequate knowledge and experience about the geographical market and availability of Raw material. Also they have working experience over twenty years and have sound financial background.


    The Company was incorporated in the year of 1998 under the Indian Company Act, 1956 with the object to setup and carryon the business of Aqua Feed, Medicine and Supply of Prawn to various merchant export houses, as well as to export processed prawns in addition to the general activity of the Company of trading of Aqua Feed, Medicine and supply of Prawn. Te company has already registered with Marine Product Export Development Authority(MPEDA) vide registered no. WB1/ME/014/04 dated 20th September, 2004 and with the Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce-Govt. of India, vide Import and Export Code no.0203011287. last three years the company was engaged in export of processed prawn directly. The Company was made an agreement with Ben fish to setup of their own processing unit with better and modern infrastructural facilities to produce better quality products in view of the stringent checks implemented by the importing countries.


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    The Company maintains a state of the art in house R&D equipped with modern instruments like GCs, Spectrophotometers etc; and manned by highly qualified professionals.

    Keeping with the company's vision the R&D strives continually for cost & quality improvement. The R&D efforts for innovative process development for diversification through value addition to wastes, resource recycling & gainful waste utilization, helped the company towards zero discharge & sail through the final CDM audit for CER issuance. 

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